Employee Rewards

Driving employee engagement is a top priority for many companies. In our dynamic work environments, with millennials poised to dominate a majority of the workplace over the next 10 years, it’s important to understand how to continually drive your employer brand, reduce turnover, and promote productivity among multi-generational workforces. At RewardCyte, we have helped Hong Kong’s leading companies and multinationals to implement end­-to­-end tailor­-made solutions for their employee incentive, recognition, and wellness programs, resulting in increased process efficiency, cost reductions, and reduced admin complexity for the HR department. Our innovative approach to employee engagement ensures that your organisation is prepared to face the ongoing changes ahead.
Annual Dinner Prizes

Looking for something unique this year for your annual dinner? Don’t know what your employees want? No more cash coupons and gifts that employees don’t want. We understand the difficulties that comes from sourcing gifts from different sources and vendors. We take on the pride of being able to be your one stop shop in gift selection. Our annual dinner gifts can serve as table prizes, as well as lucky draw prizes. We are able to serve a range of budgets and we are flexible in deliveries, even if you are ordering at the last minute!

Performance Rewards

With the increasing influx of millennials into the workforce, lifestyle, flexibility and choices play a large role in creating the ideal working environments. Gone are the days of cash based rewards and branded premiums. If you want to drive performance among your top employees, you need to reward them with something they are going to remember. We can help your company’s performance reward programs by offering over 300 experiential rewards. Whether it is driving a formula racing car or living their dreams of becoming a popstar, our rewards are novel, memorable and most importantly, they will motivate performance.

Recognition Program

The key to employee engagement is to recognize and reward employees for a job well done whether it be an individual contribution, outstanding sales performance or recognition for embodying your corporate values. For many companies, traditional cash rewards aren’t working anymore but it’s tough to find rewards which will really drive change and motivate your employees. In a diverse workplace, what kind of rewards will appeal to both Baby Boomers and Gen­Y employees alike? At RewardCyte, we believe in giving employees choice. We create recognition and reward programs with a wide range of rewards with gastronomy, fitness, relaxation and creative gifts to ensure there is something for everyone. Let your most valued employees know that you care!

Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs are increasingly popular with companies looking to limit rising insurance premiums, minimize absenteeism and improve employee productivity. Wellness activities promote a healthy lifestyle and improve overall well-­being among employees. From office chair massages to mental fitness seminars by an Olympic athlete; we can offer a variety of innovative wellness activities. Our programs are tailored to your organization’s specific needs, so whether you have an ad­-hoc, or ongoing wellness program – we can suit your needs. Stay ahead of your competitors and start planning your company’s wellness program now!

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